Tummy & Tots – A Boost Signature Rotorua Family Event

Event: Tummy & Tots Expo

Client: Boost Events Signature Event Catalogue

Date: Saturday 10th March 2018 (annual event)

Event Summary: The Tummy & Tots Expo is the first event delivered under the Boost Events Signature Events Catalogue.


Tummy & Tots came about when Natasha and I were out for coffee when our girls were only a few months old. We'd identified that there was a vast amount of information and new products for young families and first time parents, but no central space to interact with these businesses and organisations.

From memory, the conversation went something like: “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a local event that we could go to actually see and feel these things, and ask questions directly… oh hang on, maybe we should do that!”

Tummy & Tots is an annual Rotorua family event and is now in its fourth year. We have settled into the perfect venue, with returning exhibitors and an amazing following of people who love attending our relaxed family-focused event.

Boost's Involvement: It’s ours! We designed Tummy & Tots and deliver this Rotorua family event each year.

Event feedback: 

“The Hits have been a sponsor from the start. It's a perfect fit for us, and we enjoy working with the team.” - NZME: The Hits & Radio Hauraki

"The Tummy and Tots expo was our first full expo. We had great support from the team leading up to and during the Expo”. - Little Soles

“We took a risk by stepping outside our normal trading activities with the expo and it worked really well for us. We were promoting our reversing cameras and other family car safety products and reaching part of our market that may have otherwise not known what we offer”. - Repco Whakatane